HIV and Human Rights at AIDS 2014

The “Human Rights and HIV/AIDS: Now More Than Ever” campaign represents the hope of HIV/AIDS activists everywhere to place human rights at the centre of the global AIDS response.

Again this year at the International AIDS Conference, there will be a hub for human rights in the Global Village.

If you will be in Melbourne at AIDS 2014, join us at the Human Rights Networking Zone to LEARN more, CONNECT with activists and BE INSPIRED to take action.

You can also follow us on Twitter (@HIVhumanRIGHTS) and on Facebook. Test your knowledge and challenge your assumptions by taking our human rights quizzes!


In Memoriam — Passengers of MH17
Our thoughts go out to the families of all passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, including those colleagues travelling to AIDS 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. The International AIDS Society has decided to continue with the conference. Therefore, the Human Rights Networking Zone’s programme at the conference will go on, but in the memory of those dedicated researchers, medical professionals, allies and activists whose journeys were cut short.