Human Rights at AIDS 2012

Washington, D.C.

  • Darby Hickey: It’s Not Just the US or IAS – We All Need to be Accountable

    03 August 2012

    best antivirus software Watch: Sex Worker Activists Disrupt Special Session on the US Congress’ response to HIV As we look back on the International AIDS Conference, there are plenty of lessons and conversations to carry with us. As a transgender woman and a sex worker, I want to make sure that the theme of exclusion, [...]

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  • HCLU: We Can End AIDS – March in Washington DC

    25 July 2012

    Video by: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (Posted with permission)

    Thousands of activists marched for human rights & economic justice on Tuesday from St. Vernon square, the venue of the International AIDS Conference, to the White House. The organizers of the march identified 5 demands: to tax Wall Street and stop cuts to AIDS services, to aid housing and lift the ban on syringe exchange, to provide full access to services for women and LGBT people, to make Big Pharma accountable and to stop the criminalization of PLWHA, drug users and sex workers. We asked the demonstrators how do they see these issues – please watch the video and find out yourself!

    Click here to view the video

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